Hunting in Sweden, Norway & Denmark

Sweden is a large country with a huge diversity of game, offering great hunting as well as beautiful scenery.  In the farming country of southern Sweden, we offer hunts for roe deer, European moose, European red deer, European fallow deer, wild boar, ducks and geese.  These hunts also include great accommodation, making it a perfect hunting holiday.  For those who prefer the wilderness and a more rugged hunt, we can arrange a hunt in Sweden’s vast northern provinces, known as “Norrland”, wich are home to the Laps (Sami People) and boast a wide array of northern game species, including: European moose, reindeer, wolf, beaver, fox, and the  trophy birds, Capercaillie and black grouse.

In the neighboring country of Norway we offer hunts for European reindeer and in Denmark for red deer, fallow deer, Sika deer and driven pheasants.  There is a great variety of species that can be combined, so the choice is yours.

Sweden is rich in history, with great sightseeing and, of course, wonderful shopping for non-hunters.  The hunting, sightseeing and shopping opportunities all feature great accommodation, which can even be upgraded to a castle or old manor houses. 

SPECIES: European MooseCapercailleEuropean ReindeerEuropean Fallow deerRoe Deer & Sika Deer with world-class trophy qualities.